Who We Are


The idea behind OMNIÅ started with a lighter that sparked the conversation between; co-founders Anyah and Diek. Anyah, who now works as a freelancer and dedicates the rest of her time to OMNIÅ and, Diek with mutual creative passion, joined forces in creating their own accessories brand. Diek runs the numbers, Anyah is the creative machine. An ethos of high-quality products, strong-futurist-contemporary design combined with functionality and the involvement of addressing socio-political matters is what led them to creating the platform that is now known to be a collective of likeminded creatives.

As an interracial couple – next to being business partners – Diek and Anyah experience a very similar mindset despite their difference in cultural background, which is an element we love to work with. A love for the same music, art & fashion, despite culture, race, religion, gender or any other demographic segment. Next to focusing on producing some of the most progressive bag designs the collective aims on educating society on a fair – non-discriminating – state of mind through all processes the business is involved in, i.e. campaigns, story-telling, events etc.

In the eye of not using single use products all leather OMNIÅ bags are made of leftover leather from the meat industry. In addition, all non non animal products are made of recycled materials. In addition, the factory where the bags are fabricated in Gurugram - which is a suburb of New Delhi - in India is an ISO certified facility. Workers are offered a fair pay, hours and working conditions and, most importantly, no child labour is used.

What We Believe

 • OMNIÅ •

Refers to the Latin word 'omnia' where is it 'everything' or 'all'. With this reference the collective embodies an attitude where everything is inclusive. Fashion, function and choice; the bag for today's everyday urban jungle.


OMNIÅ is the socio-cultural revolutionist movement - encouraging you to stay "woke" and drawing your attention to things that matter - through fashion, music and art. Forever growing with the times, always evolving in a beauty that is still in the present day, yet still helping you carry an important message in your own OMNIÅ bag.


In today's worldly issues we are all fighting for our individualism; racism, discrimination, injustice and more. OMNIÅ has chosen to be an accessories brand with a voice of reason among the chaos. For the very first season OMNIÅ will present a collection that fights; standing for the general optimistic beauty of people, no matter your race, religion, gender, sex or any other box the human psyche has developed for itself. Breaking through socio-cultural barriers by looking at the human body as it being. Contrary to a uniform, a modular bag system is created in the first collection as a foundation for future products, functional in the dynamic conscious and ever-evolving lifestyle of the Modern Militant.